Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Piero's 1st birthday!

My littlest little boy turned a year old this month and we're soooo happy he's made our lives perfect. Well, he turned it upside down, spun it around, made us lose hundreds of hours of sleep, and basically just left us breathless in his wake! Yes, Piero is just what our family needed. I'll talk more about this, how he completed us, in another post but for now, let's celebrate my wonderful darling boy's first ever birthday!

Here's the little tiger! We had a tiny celebration at home—just us, just cake, just gifts, just love. We put up the usual festive party decor, we got him a small but rich chocolate cake, we shook out the Tigger costume worn previously by his older brothers, and we tried to convince said brothers that this birthday was Piero's birthday and can we please please make it all about Piero.

Well, they tried. But Vito and Iñigo couldn't help it—they wanted to be the star of the show, too! Check out Iñigo hogging the camera. Now I know why youngest kids have the least number of photos—their older siblings keep stealing the show!

So let's go back to sweet darling Piero's birthday. Here's his simple but fun cake:
I love this cake! It's the Truffle Cake from Mary Grace Café. I love it I love it I love it. And I love how the colorful birthday candles made it festive. Iñigo insisted the balloon candles were lollipops and he wondered aloud why we were burning the "wopops."

Where's Piero?

"Here I am!" Check out how he pushes his brothers aside. Heehee.
I like how assertive he is. Piero has a very big personality. I know that in photos he's always smiling gently, like he's the sweetest boy in the world, but he's actually quite the dominant personality, always bullying his older brothers about.

But in this case, the bigger boys won...

... and broke Piero's heart. My poor baby! Look at his face!

Omigoodness, there he goes, trying to grab a piece of his birthday cake before his brothers devour it.

He finds an opening and takes a gooey handful, which he then stuffs into his mouth.

And now he's wondering why he did that. Hahahahaha!

The birthday boy may have been disappointed with his birthday cake but he was excited about opening his gifts!

Umm. Yes, his face may look like that but he did enjoy opening his gifts!

See? He's clapping! Well, he clapped when he saw Baymax. He loved Baymax.

So that the older boys won't get envious, we also got them little gifts. The toys are actually for Vince and me haha. We spend 24/7 with our kids and so we play a lot together. Sometimes Vince and I get bored with the old toys so we buy new ones! Everyone's happy!

Look who's happy. Papa Vince! He adores his bunso baby boy. Vince was telling me this week that with Piero, time really felt like it passed by too fast. I told him I felt the same way. It must be because we had two other boys that grabbed our attention. Vito was toilet-trained and started school. Iñigo started talking. The first two boys spent their days killing each other one minute and then being BFFs the next. It's been a very busy year.

I'm glad Vince and I work from home. We're still able to focus on Piero while attending to our other boys. Still, it's been a breathless year. We've been up to our necks in childcare. Three kids all under 5! We're overwhelmed! But, yes, despite the chaos, the mess, the exhaustion, we're gloriously happy. Piero was that final piece. He truly made us finally go, "At last. Our family is complete!"

Happy birthday, dearest Piero! Oh, the joy you've brought to me, your Papa and your brothers! You are perfect in every way and it's remarkable how you keep getting more amazing every day. How lucky are we to have you in our crazy life. May you always be strong and healthy, may you always have love and friendship surround you, may you be filled with wisdom and compassion, and may you bring joy to others as you've brought joy to us. Happy birthday!

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  1. Happy birthday, dear Piero! The photos are amazing, Frances! Wonderful way to spend your little boy's birthday. You're my mommy peg for celebrating birthdays in a small big way. God bless your family always! :D

    1. Photos by their daddy, Vince! =)

      Thanks! I really want to keep it as intimate as possible. I won't have them all to myself forever!

  2. Happy birhday Piero! What a reaaaaaly charming baby boy!!!

  3. Happy birthday, Piero! You are so gwapo and so your 2 brothers!
    Hello Frances! God bless your family always!

    1. Thanks so much for the blessings! =) God bless you, too!

  4. Ang cucute nila! Happy Bday Piero!



  5. happy birthday to the youngest!!! your boys are adorable, my fave is the middle one, curly hair, round eyes, such a cutie!
    you have the best pinoy blog i've seen. keep them coming!

    1. Haha, Iñigo is social media's favorite =)

      And thanks for saying you love my blog. Wow! =)

  6. Piero is so gwapo! Happy birthday, Piero!! :)


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